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Living Water Ranch In Louisville, KY


Best Steak In Louisville - Living Water Ranch

Top Quality Steaks

Pictured here is an XL Cowboy Cut Ribeye Steak, weighing 1.66 pounds. All of our steaks are 100% Grass-Fed, dry aged, and ready for your next celebration! Steaks we offer are: Filet Mignon, Cowboy Cut Bone-in Ribeye, New York Strip, and Sirloin Steaks.

A Collection of Steaks
Best Meat In Louisville - Living Water Ranch

Comfort Food & Good Cookin'

These items are some of the best and healthiest comfort food delights you'll find around. From Beef Tips & Stew Meat, Fajita Strips, OxTail, as well as some finer slow cooking fares like Cube & Swiss Steaks, and Round Steaks ... you won't go wrong cooking these low and slow for your family tonight.

Best Roast In Louisville - Living Water Ranch

100% Grass-Fed Roasts

Whether it is for a family pot roast supper, a savory roast beef sandwich, or being smoked over your favorite fruit woods ... we have the roast that's right for you. From the classic Bone-in Chuck Roast to its cousin the Arm Roast to the Top Round or the Eye of Round, these plus several others are ready for you. Ranging from 2 to 8 pounds, these beauties are sure to please when allowed to cook low and slow.

An Assortment of Roasts


Living Water Ranch's 100% Grass-Fed Beef "costs less than the 'pasture raised' stuff we used to get at Whole Foods."

Thu Lavigne (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

I would definitely recommend the brisket!

Steven Nagy (Chicago, Illinois)

We ate the most delicious Grass-Fed Beef and supported local business, Living Water Ranch ... Eat well and be a good neighbor. Win.Win.

Jennifer Gunzburg (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

Delightful product that the whole family noticed the better flavors. Great selection · Convenient location · Fresh food · Knowledgeable staff

Alan Williams (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

Great beef products without all the chemicals. You can really taste the difference!!

Patti Thompson (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

Great people, great service and awesome meat. You can taste the difference and enjoy a healthy product. I’m grateful to have been introduced to them.

Marilyn G. Brown (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Had my ground sirloin from Living Water Ranch that I got at the farmers market tonight; it was delicious! Knowledgeable staff · Fresh food

Tiffany Smith (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

I love that their cows graze all year naturally, oh and did I mention the beef (brats) are amazing!! They have the best beef I've ever had!!

Shelley Davidson (Bardstown, Kentucky)

I got the steak kabobs and they were amazing!!! Most of them were gone before they hit the plates, and before I realized I didn't get a picture yet. 🤣🤣🤣

April Lillie (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)

100% Grass-Fed is just the Beginning

Clean air, sunshine, natural grasses, blue skies, and lots of love make our beef the best beef around.