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Why should I buy my meat from Living Water Ranch, LLC?

There are many reasons why we believe we have the #BetterBeef. Not only do our customers tell us how amazingly flavorful it is or how tender but from our standpoint, here are FOUR reasons: Traceability, Sustainably Raised, Transparency, and we are a Family Farm. Let me break that down some more

  • Traceability – Every calf born on our farm is raised here until harvested. On the commodity market, it's said that animals change hands 8 times on average and travel thousands of miles. None of the “Big Box Stores” offer truly local beef products, unless they use the USDA definition of being within 400 miles and even then, can they easily tell you who the farmer is that provided their beef? With Living Water Ranch, you know!
  • Sustainably Raised – Pasture-based farming. Our cattle are moved throughout our pastures frequently to fresh pastures. This heals the land. It gives the fields time to recover, allowing the newly deposited nutrients to be absorbed, and at the same time providing the "girls" with the freshest, richest, sweetest, most lush grass. All of our cattle are ASH-Free.
  • Transparency – We know our cows, our "girls." Each one has a story, and we know it. Anyone is welcome to visit the farm anytime. No trade secrets, no locked doors, every corner is camera-accessible. Call us! We have nothing to hide.
  • Family Farm – We own and operate our family farm, now going into the third generation in Kentucky. We aren’t land barons that hire outsiders to operate our farm for us. We are hands-on and we love what we do (and it shows). We want to offer a healthy and delicious product for you and your friends and family.