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Living Water Ranch: The Stream

Here I am ... sitting on the office couch. It's been a hot dusty day outside, the fan is blowing on me, the dog is barking outside (annoyingly so), Kathy, my wife, is getting ready for the sale this weekend, and I am drawn here, to 'the blog.' I've been thinking about writing our first post for a while now, like for several weeks now, but what do you say? I don't know. So, I’ve been stymied (or hindered). 

Blog ... what a strange word. I know it's short for Web Log, but still, so uninviting and even off-putting for one unfamiliar with the nature of a 'blog.' I love words and am a self-diagnosed ‘logophile,’ so words like ‘stymied’ intrigue me and, well, words like ‘blog’ remind me of the last time I got sick and I … never mind, TMI.

Here at Living Water Ranch Online, I'd like to change our 'blog' to something a little more curious. I'm thinking of "The Stream." 

Streams are amazing bodies of water. Living Water Ranch has TWO such forms on our farm in addition to several springs and six wells; but it’s the streams that draw me back time and time again. Streams have a current; they are in constant motion. Geologists categorize streams based on their size, depth, speed, and location. In streams, water always flows downhill; but the form that downhill movement takes varies with rock type, topography, and many other factors. So, within “The Stream’s” various posts will be a flow of thoughts, news, specials, nutritional items, sales, all sorts of things relevant to our 100% #GrassFedBeef, our farm, our lives, and anything else that floats our boat. Like with most streams, some posts may be shallow and others might be deep and thought provoking.

Kathy Playing In The CreekMost posts will be written by myself (Jonathan) though I'll encourage both Kathy and others in the family to contribute. They typically say they are not writers - where I can be rather wordy (hey, it's who I am, sorry). I hope to also invite other 'bloggers,' dietitians, educators, etc. to contribute. I believe that with more input, a better stronger "Stream" can be obtained. 
So with that, let me invite YOU to share your thoughts, your ideas, your suggestions, your stories, your life with me as together we form The Stream.


Jonathan Watson

(The Happy Farmer)

Living Water Ranch: The Stream

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