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Starting The Day Off Right

Starting my day off right starts early. My alarm went off at 3:30 this morning. Typically I might silence the alarm, roll over, and snooze for another 15 minutes or so. But this morning was different. I was a bachelor last night (and this morning). Kathy was visiting the boys in Springfield and so I woke to an empty house and my mind was whirling with things. “This is prime time, what project do I need to get a jump on” I asked myself. Feeling a strange sense of emptiness, I realized I was all caught up (odd for me lol) … at least with the flurry of projects that had occupied my mind up to yesterday. 
✅  - Board Meeting for Bardstown Non-Profit
✅  - Community Leader Meeting (and the next one scheduled)
✅  - Lessons for Church (for the next few weeks)
✅  - Payroll for the Farm
✅  - 2020 Taxes Amended (I hate taxes - just sayin)

These things that I just finished up this past week, some as recent as yesterday. So this morning I’m waking to a sense of freedom asking the question: What do I do? Sleep is NOT an option. I love my early mornings of solitude, coffee. I like to read, write, and catch up with my latest big ‘to do.’ But what do I do if there are no ‘to dos’? “Oh yes, I’ll work on The Stream” I mused. But what do I write about? Hmmm ...

  • The end of another FM year
  • How people can get their winter supply of beef
  • The building of the Manure Storage Facility
  • Grass-Fed Beef Benefits
  • Website Under Construction
  • What do our nearly 2,000 customers want me to write about?! Yikes!!
Morning sun on frosty cobweb in grassy pastures

So many ideas flowing in my mind (see why I called it The Stream? There are so many ‘creeks’ leading into the stream; so many avenues to write about that make up the ‘body’ of water we call The Stream). There is a 100% chance of rain today, a day created for writing. Maybe I’ll write about ALL OF THOSE THINGS!! That would be great right? Well, I do have other things going on today. I have a meeting with Planning and Zoning. I have a meeting with another city leader at 7:30 this morning. I have to start my day off right. I jumped the gun this morning. Laying in bed for those first few minutes, I allowed my mind to get carried away with all the potential of the day that I forgot my most important step in my day: Starting my day with God. Like I said above, “I love my early mornings of solitude, coffee. I like to read, write…” Reading my Bible, writing my thoughts, and praying are the three steps I try and do every day as it leads to a balanced mind, a healthy spirit, and a sense of purpose as I connect with my Creator. I don’t feel I’m a religious nut (as I certainly make my share of blunders and don’t always make the best decisions). I certainly know where my hope and peace are found. With that being said, I’m gonna sign off … until next time! (oh by the way, the rains are coming down fiercely - I can hear them on the metal roof).

Jonathan Watson (The Happy Farmer)

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