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Where are we going?

Where are we going? It seems those words fit a variety of contexts. I remember asking my folks this exact question numerous times as a child when we’d take a Sunday drive after church (yes, we really did do that - good memories). The answer was etched into my mind, “We’re playing follow the leader,” my dad would respond. Needless to say, when he hops into the truck these days, he doesn’t appreciate that answer as much as when he had given it. But it’s the truth; we don’t always know our destination but the journey can still be enjoyable.

As a community leader in my hometown, I ask those I’m involved with this probing question. As the chair on a non-profit board in Bardstown, I question our direction. It’s a question I ask myself regularly, asking versions of that question every day before I get to work around the farm, and then I also ask it at the end of particular seasons. It helps me evaluate where I’ve been and where I want to be.

As we finish one season, and begin a new one, it pays me to evaluate the To Do lists that I’ve neglected over the summer so I can attend to my delinquent tasks. Nevertheless, I need to maintain the momentum created during the summer so that we don’t have to start all over next year. Asking “Where are we going?” is a way in which we establish desired destinations, in other words, we establish goals. 

This winter season, in addition to the fences to mend, the roadways to grade, the gutters to be reattached, and other farm work...

  1. We’re looking to raise a new Manure Storage Facility (actually we are breaking ground on it this week). 
  2. My son from North Dakota is coming down for the winter to help with some of the odd jobs; we’ll be moving him and his family to the farm (yay for grandkids - TWO sweet li’l girlies). He came down last year and helped with a large concrete job so I am excited to work with him again. 
  3. We have the goal of releasing our website to the public. This is a crucial goal for Kathy as we look to make sales online and deliver via a route through our 17 county service area. 
  4. Kathy and I (though we were looking at doing this this past summer) are looking to build a storefront on the farm. I could go on and on with the benefits and reason for this (maybe I will someday in a different post), but due to elevated construction costs, this project has several hurdles to overcome.

Living Water Ranch: The Journey

All this to say … Life is a journey. Sometimes we have hills to climb, valleys to navigate, long straight stretches, or curvey paths we can't see around, but all in all, it’s a journey we get to travel. We are going places. We have our goals. We know our destination. And we are glad you are coming along with us. Where are you going on your journey?

Jonathan Watson (The Happy Farmer)

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