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How are Living Water Ranch meats processed?

We started out using family-owned and operated Boone’s Butcher Shop in Bardstown, KY,  as our processor because they are local, they came highly recommended, and they use humane handling practices. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that caused a food shortage scare we had to go outside of what we call local (20 minutes away) and reach out to other processors. Though we do continue to reach out to other nearby processors, we insist on those qualities we first found at Boone's: Recommendation, Humane, and we expect our processors to be clean beyond compare (we actually visit each processor, going back into all the rooms, freezers, processing floor, etc. and examine them for cleanliness). There are a number of processors that we've visited and never allowed our girls to step foot into their facility. All of our meat is inspected by the USDA during harvest and at the time of packaging.  The meat is dry-aged and blast-frozen at the processor. You can be assured that our 100% Grass-Fed Beef is processed to the highest of demands and expectations.