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What is the best way to thaw Grass-Fed Beef?

There are a number of ways to thaw your beef: We use (and suggest) the slowest thawing method possible when we cook. We generally try to put the beef (steaks, roasts, ground burger, etc.) in the fridge at least the night before. Typically, one day for every 5 pounds of meat is needed in the fridge. If you need a faster method, try putting your beef in a container of water, running or not, and within a few hours it will be ready. Nevertheless, the faster one thaws out their beef, the risk for it being tough increases. That is why we always advocate the slowest way possible. Once thawed, ground meat should be good for about 2 days and steaks and roasts for 3-5 days in the fridge. You can also cook ground burger directly from frozen, but the result is sometimes a tougher and the meat is dried out for things like burgers and meatloaf.