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Living Water Ranch: The Stream

  • Leaves Fall & Markets End

    Seasons come and seasons go. That is how it is here on the farm as well. We are very much aware of this principle. We are ending the Farmers’ Market season now, as Summer comes to an end, Fall colors are at the height of their glory. Can I tell you a story? From time to time, one of us ... or that we are so humbled and thankful.
  • Living Water Ranch: The Stream

    Streams are amazing bodies of water. Living Water Ranch has TWO such forms on our farm in addition to several springs and six wells; but it’s the streams that draw me back time and time again. Streams have a current; they are in constant motion. So, within “The Stream’s” various posts will be a flow of thoughts, news, specials, nutritional items, sales, all sorts of things relevant to our 100% #GrassFedBeef, our farm, our lives, and...